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  1. shaba shabu

    Japanese Shabu Shabu from 100% Authentic Japanese Wagyu

    Regular Price: $499.95

    Special Price $398.95

    Japanese Shaba Shabu 4 - 4oz packages for a total of 1pound of Shabu Shabu for Japanese Hot Pot. This is from 100% Authentic Japanese wagyu cattle. Learn More
  2. ground-beef-price

    American Wagyu Beef Ground Beef

    Starting at: $97.95

    American Wagyu Beef Ground Beef

    Buy Ground Beef Online

    • Breed: American Wagyu Cattle, 100% natural beef

    • Kobe Ground Beef - 5 lbs per package

    • Our Ground Beef is vacuumed sealed

  3. Tomahawk Steaks

    Tomahawk Steaks

    Starting at: $139.95

    Tomahawk Steaks

    Tomahawk Ribeye Packages

    • Breed: Black Angus Cattle

    • Marbling Grade: Prime

    • You will receive large Tomahawk steaks

    • Each steak is 3 lbs to 3.5 lbs, two in a pack 6 l Learn More

  4. prime boneless ribeye

    Prime Beef Steak - Ribeye Steak

    Starting at: $49.95

    Prime Beef Steak - Ribeye Steak Learn More
  5. Authentic Japanese Wagyu Ribeye Loin - A5 Grade 13.35 LBS - Fresh Never Frozen

    Authentic Japanese Wagyu Ribeye Loin - A5 Grade 13.35 LBS - Fresh Never Frozen

    Regular Price: $2,100.99

    Special Price $1,863.59

    Here is the, very top quality Beef on the globe. This specific cut is the The King of the Steaks. This specific cattle has a certification from Japanese Authorities which proves that this beef is 100% JAPANESE Wagyu Kobe Beef .

    We have only limited number of cuts that are available online at today. Now, this limited time opportunity will not last long, and before it is gone, you should try this buttery very delicious steaks. Hurry, the opportunity will not stay here for a long time. Finding Authentic Certified Japanese Wagyu Beef A5 Kobe Beef in the US is almost impossible.

    Order's Best Seller Kobe Style Wagyu Rib Eye Loin now and enjoy it with your friends and family members. Please feel free to communicate with us with your comments or questions.

    You can contact us at 212-380-1273 or send us an email via contact us page.

    Learn More
  6. wagyu beef inside skirt steak

    Wagyu Beef Inside Skirt Steak 10 lbs

    Regular Price: $279.90

    Special Price $259.95

    Wagyu Beef Inside Skirt Steak Known for its robust flavor profile. Rich flavor with a loose grain and abundant intramuscular fat. Marinate and grill hot for fajitas or use for stir-fry. Perfect for grilling and searing. Texture picks up marinates and seasonings. Learn More

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